Fitcrea - Fit for creators
Fitcrea - Fit for creators

Create with us.

Create online courses under your own brand and expand your business in minutes, stress-free.

Fitcrea - Fit for creators
Fitcrea - Fit for creators

Create with us.

Create online courses under your own brand and expand your business in minutes, stress-free.

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Matt, PT in London

Anya from Sidney wants to train with Matt, but he is too far away. So, Matt decides to offer her workouts online. He records his workouts but doesn’t know how to sell them to Anya now.
He needs a program for online courses. He checks with several providers but needs something simple and affordable. Fitcrea application offers a free, understandable solution for creating online courses.


But how does it all work?

Kristian from Fitcrea shows Matt what the app looks like and how to create a course. It is so simple that Matt immediately starts working. Prepares content, uploads recordings, and builds a course.
He checks it one last time and publishes it. He informs Anya that his workouts are now also available online.


Anya buys a course

Anya buys Matt’s course. When she makes a purchase, she receives access to the purchased course by email. Her account has already been created by confirming the email. Now she simply follows Matt’s course and enjoys it. She is happy to recommend it to her friends ❤.

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FiTCREA comes with amazing features like…



    Teach the way you want to – You can create your own courses using the templates already offered, or you can create it completely anew. In the application you can choose between Blank, Mini Course, Online Course, Collection, Drip Course, Fitness Course. The prepared templates make it easier for you and speed up the creation of new courses.



    If you already have lessons on your youtube or vimeo channel, you can simply add your video URL and add it to your video library or upload your video to our server.



    Design your online school in your own way – change colors, images, and logo to reflect your values. Simply connect your existing site to Fitcrea using a custom domain or use a subdomain.



    The app is responsive on all mobile devices, making it easier for users to track their progress, while also keeping them motivated to continue their education with you.



    You will never have to deal with technical problems again – we offer technical assistance to you and all your customers for the Fitcrea application. You just need your knowledge – leave the programming to us. The Fitcrea app is suitable for everyone – complete beginners and those who are already skilled online.



    Connect the Fitcrea app to your online store. All users who have made a purchase through the website automatically have an account created in the application. Fast, safe, and reliable. Currently, Fitcrea enables integration with the Woocommerce platform on the Premium plan.

  • create for better tomorrow


    1 app that solves all your problems on your way from analog to digital success. Turn your knowledge and experience into a successful online business with one decision.

  • no hidden costs


    We never collect commissions on sold courses – Regardless of whether you are on a free or Premium plan.

Real people. Real success.

Read the stories of our fitcreators…

Fitcrea - Fit for creators

Before using the Fitcrea platform, we had video training programs organized on the Google drive platform. Ever since we use Fitcrea platform professionally the use of programs has become easier, more transparent, and more beautiful. Users with an exercise calendar find it easier to maintain motivation and what it is for most importantly, the program buys and recommends more customers.

Alja Malis

Fitcrea - Fit for creators

With the help of the FiTCREA platform, I can easily assemble and create exercise programs on a professional level. It guides users in a simple way through the entire program, which allows a clear schedule and use of the training platform anywhere and anytime. Thank you to the FiTCREA team, for taking into account my wishes and all the effort you put into this project!

Sanja Strle

Fitcrea - Fit for creators

With the FITCREA platform, I raised my offer one step higher. It is really easy to use for both the provider and the users, and at the same time, it looks professional and transparent. It works seamlessly on mobile devices as well as tablets and computers. I am glad that I decided to use it, and all praise also to the team, who are always available for questions, help, and comments.

Liza Kregar


What is Fitcrea?

FiTCREA is a Slovenian web application where you can easily create, edit, and sell online courses to your users. With a few simple clicks in the web app, you can set up your first ONLINE course in an instant and sell it via the website. Suitable for everyone, including beginners, because we take care of all the technical things!

Do you offer a free plan?

Yes, you can sign up for a FREE plan, no credit card is required. Our Free Plan is a great starting point if you are just getting started.

Is the FREE Plan time limited?

No. our Free Plan does not expire, and you are welcome to stay on Free Plan as long as it suits you. It’s a great way to start your online business since you can publish one course and have up to 100 users. Once you have grown your business, you can choose from our paid plans.

What do I get with the Free Plan?

All our features limited to creating one course and having up to 100 users.

Do you take a cut of the course sales?

No, we do not charge any transaction fees, nor do we take any commission from course sales. You only pay if you are using a paid plan.

How easy is it to set up online courses with Fitcrea?

It’s so easy and quick to set up and make your own without any coding experience.

How can I accept payments for my courses?

We are currently enabling integration with the Woocommerce platform. All users who have made a purchase through the website have an automatically created account in the application. Everything is done quickly, safely and reliably. Payments are made on a secure connection via Woocommerce (supported by PayPal, Stripe, etc… ). Currently, Fitcrea allows integration with the Woocommerce platform on the Premium plan.

Can I cancel or change my plan at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you decide Fitcrea is not for you, you can cancel anytime. In case of using the payment plan, you only need to inform us by e-mail. The current month in which you cancel the plan will be charged in full.

Does the content I add stay mine?

Of course! The content is yours and will always be yours. It is available only to you and only you can include it in your courses. In case of deleting your account, your library is deleted and is not available to anyone anymore (unless otherwise agreed).

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, you can link your existing domain to Fitcrea. If you don’t have a domain, we’ll provide you with a free domain name.

Do I need a web hosting account?

No, all plans (including our Free Plan) include secure, unlimited hosting for your digital content.

In which language is Fitcrea platform available?

Fitcrea allows you to choose the language you want your platform elements displayed (menu, buttons,…). For now, It is available in Slovene and English. As a course creator, you can always create your content in any language you want.

How can I reach Support Team?

You can always contact us via e-mail at or contact us on our contact page and we will respond as soon as possible.

Still not sure?
Leave us a message and we’ll be happy to chat 😉