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How Does It Work?

Fitcrea is designed to provide a simple and accessible way to share knowledge online, while offering the tools and features needed for efficient management of online educational content.

A course is your opportunity to turn your knowledge and passion into an educational experience that excites and enables earning.

Types of Courses

Create simple courses, drip courses, or collection courses.
  • Online course Users have immediate access to all lessons upon enrollment. They follow the lessons at their own pace, enabling flexible and effective learning. The platform tracks progress and provides an overview of completed and remaining lessons. Completed lessons are automatically recorded in the user's calendar.

  • Drip course Create a course with content released over a selected period. Individual lessons are not available immediately, but over time. Lesson display can be enabled in two ways - on a specific date or a number of days after the user's first enrollment.

  • Collection course Create a library of lessons where lessons can be completed in any order. Users can search for lessons through a search engine by tags you assign.
Types of Courses

Basic Information

Before enrolling lessons, it's necessary to enter basic information about the course.
  • Course card - assign your course an image so your users can quickly recognize it.
  • Set the course price. The course can be free or paid. Paid courses can also have a discounted price.
  • Encourage user engagement by enabling comments on lessons.
  • Always preview your course as your users will see it: A great opportunity for testing.
  • While assembling the course, it is in draft mode and not available to users. Once published, it can be assigned or purchased.
  • Link the course with an email marketing program (Mailchimp or Mailerlite). When a user is created, they are automatically added to the email database with a tagged tag, facilitating subsequent campaigns.
Basic Information

Modules and Lessons

Structure content that truly engages and educates. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily add and edit content step by step.
  • A course can have an unlimited number of modules and lessons.
  • Add, rename, and rearrange modules as needed.
  • Choose from different types of lessons: video, text, pdf, survey, or quiz/test to create a more interesting learning approach.
  • Survey - Various question types are available. ABC type (text or image), rating, scale, and free text response. Surveys can be anonymous.
  • Quiz / Test - ABC question type (text or image) is available. The administrator sets quiz settings such as repetition, result display to the user upon completion, checking correct answers, and time limit.
Modules and Lessons


Statistics are a key element for immediate feedback. With detailed analytical data on how users engage with content, you gain valuable insights into their effectiveness.
  • User statistics allow you to see how many lessons each user has completed and where they are currently in the course.
  • Real-time overall course statistics give you the power to quickly respond to user trends and make informed changes to improve the overall course experience.
  • Quiz and survey statistics show the results of the completed questions. You can view detailed responses for each user.
  • For advanced functions, use the link with Meta pixel and Google Tag.

Choose a template and create your website. Quick and easy editing allows you to start selling in just 30 minutes.

Choose Your Template

Choose from pre-set templates that are proven to work.
  • Choose from various designs and templates.
  • Each template includes a main page, a 'My Courses' page with all published courses, individual course sales pages, checkout, and thank you page.
  • The page editor is split into two parts: on the left, you change colors and edit content, and on the right, you can preview your site’s appearance.
  • Always available in three views: desktop, tablet, and phone, so you can see how your site will look on different devices.
  • All templates are optimized for conversions.
Choose Your Template

Customize to Your Brand

Let potential customers feel your passion; let your site come alive in the hues of your business.
  • Your logo is automatically added from the app to the site.
  • Change the colors of titles, buttons, and main elements to truly make it yours.
  • Use guidance and tips that lead you through writing and adding text.
  • Upload professional images where you and your offer look best.
  • Add privacy policy and terms of use to keep you and your site's visitors safe.
Customize to Your Brand

Sell Your Course

Let everyone know what you offer. Publish your courses - both free and paid - on the site and just watch the earnings roll in.
  • You can add published courses to the site - courses in draft are not available.
  • On the main homepage, you can select and add courses in the left section.
  • For each course, you can create a sales page that contains a more detailed description and purchasing option.
  • You can receive payments for courses in two ways - via credit cards or a purchase form.
  • Upon purchasing a course, the user is automatically added to the course and receives access to the content via email.
Sell Your Course

Integration with WordPress / Woocommerce

Want free rein in setting up your website? If you are a more demanding user with the knowledge to set up websites, then the right solution for you is integration with WordPress.
  • Set up your website in the most popular way - with WordPress, and then connect it to Fitcrea with our plugin.
  • Make each published course as a product in the Woocommerce store.
  • Receive payments via Woocommerce, also having a cart and checkout process there.
  • When a course is purchased, the new user is automatically added to the course in Fitcrea and receives an email with access to the contents.
  • Woocommerce also allows you to create memberships (with an additional woo plugin), monthly subscriptions, and various forms of payment.
  • If you need help, feel free to contact us, and we will assist you.
Integration with WordPress / Woocommerce

Fitcrea is a platform that enables users to create and sell their online courses through their personalized application.

Create an Account on Fitcrea

Register with your email address. We enable you to personalize and set up your system for the entire operation of your online business.
  • All you need to create an account is an email address.
  • As soon as you register, you receive a unique link where you can always access your products.
  • Various packages are available, from free to more advanced paid ones.
Create an Account on Fitcrea

Make the App Uniquely Yours

Change the appearance of the app, remove Fitcrea branding, and enable your users to download the mobile app. Connect with your audience where they prefer, while staying true to yourself.
  • Change the look of the app by setting colors, logo, and images.
  • As 90% of users are on mobile devices, enable them to view your content where they are - prepare a mobile app for them.
  • Welcome new users with a message that introduces who you are and how your courses work.
  • Add a privacy policy and terms of use to keep you and your users safe.
Make the App Uniquely Yours

Adding Users

And the best part? Your first sale! New users can be added in several ways, depending on how you received payment.
  • Manual single user entry - if an order was placed via a purchase form, after receiving payment, you can manually add the user and determine which content they have access to.
  • Bulk import - if you have a large number of existing users, or you received many orders via the form, you have the option of mass importing users, where all data is imported via a document.
  • User addition via website purchase - stripe - When receiving payment by credit card on a website created on the Fitcrea platform, the new user is automatically added to the course and receives an email with access to the purchased content.
  • User entry via Woocommerce integration - If you sell courses through your Woocommerce store, then upon purchasing a course, a new user is automatically imported, simultaneously receiving access to the content.
  • If you have a free course available, then a new user just fills out the purchase form and is immediately enrolled in the course.
Adding Users


Fitcrea can be integrated with various tools and services, such as payment processing systems, marketing tools, and other platforms, to enable better management and automation of processes.
  • Stripe - Connect your Stripe account with Fitcrea and start receiving payments and tracking orders immediately.
  • For receiving credit card payments, we use Stripe, the most reliable and secure online payment processor in the world.
  • Woocommerce - Fitcrea in connection with Woocommerce: the perfect combination for selling your courses online. Connect and grow your business.
  • If you already have your site or store set up on WordPress/Woocommerce, or you want to expand your business. The powerful connection between Fitcrea and WordPress allows instant data synchronization without the need for connecting programs.
  • Mailchimp and MailerLite - Enhance your email marketing strategy with easy integration. Start building your contact base today!
  • Metakocak - Connect an online program for easy business management and automatic sending of invoices to users and the cash register.
  • Analytics - Meta and google tag - Connect Fitcrea with Meta Pixel for a better understanding of your audience and improve your ROI in Facebook advertising. Connect, track, and optimize.
  • External API - Expand the power of Fitcrea on your platform with our powerful external API. Easily integrate and synchronize data between platforms. Developers' Center

Integrate Your Favorite E-commerce and Marketing Tools.

Connect your Stripe account to Fitcrea and start receiving payments and tracking orders right away. Simple, secure, and reliable.

Fitcrea with WooCommerce: the perfect combination for selling your courses online. Connect and grow your business.

Enhance your email marketing strategy with easy integration of MailerLite. Start building your contact base today!

Optimize your email marketing strategy with the integration of Mailchimp. Easily inform your users about new courses and offers!

Connect Fitcrea with Meta Pixel for a better understanding of your audience and improve your ROI in Facebook advertising. Connect, track, and optimize.

Integrate Google Tag Manager and take control of analytics, tracking, and marketing tags. Simple, powerful, and effective!

Connect an easy-to-use online business management program for automated invoicing to users and into the cash register.

Fitcrea API

Want to integrate Fitcrea into your existing platform?

Expand the power of Fitcrea onto your platform with our powerful external API. Easily integrate and synchronize data across platforms.

  • Simple integration with any platform.
  • Efficiently manage and synchronize course data.
  • Enhance the user experience with seamless data transfer.
  • Support and documentation for developers available.
Developer Center
Free Yes, Fitcrea offers a free package with no time limit. You can use it for free forever. No need for a credit card. No hidden costs.

Get to Your First Sale with Fitcrea

With the easy use and support of our platform, and our additional services, you will be able to start selling your course and begin acquiring new customers in a short time.

  • Transfer your content into a secure environment and sell it as a course.
  • Set up a website with final course checkout.
  • 90% of visitors use phones, so we also offer a mobile application.
Start for free, no credit card required and no time limit. Create Your Course

Already Selling Online Courses?

Automate your sales, reduce your costs, and increase your revenue. Fitcrea's integrations offer simple solutions to set up a system that works for you and increases your sales.

  • If you use Thinkific, Teachable, or Kajabi, and you're having trouble and want more support.
  • If you send your content via emails or FB groups.
  • Increase your sales with our integrations - Woocommerce, Mailchimp, Mailerlite ...
Because every customer is very important to us, we are available for consultation, advice, and additional services. Contact Us