To add a new video, click the Add new video button.

Enter the NAME of your video. It will be displayed in exercises. Users will see it in the application

Select a TYPE of video from the drop-down menu. Choose between different types:

  • DEMO Demonstration clip of an exercise. Usually, a short video demonstrating a few reps of an exercise
  • FOLLOW ALONG EXERCISE Video of one performing all the reps and sets of the exercise (e.g. 5 reps of 5 sets of push-ups with rest in between).
  • FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUT Follow along with a video of a whole workout.
  • EDUCATIONAL Educate your students about a topic or explain all the technical details of an exercise. It will be shown the first time a student is introduced to a new exercise.

If you already have workouts on your youtube or Vimeo channel, you can simply add your URL of the video to add it to your new library OR you can upload your video on our server and have access right away for the next step. We support videos from Youtube and Vimeo. Paste the video URL into the input and we will do all the processing.

When finished, click SAVE VIDEO.

Video Library