In the Exercises Library, you can create new exercises and link them with the videos from the video library.

If your uploaded videos are follow along workouts all your videos have already been copied directly to a tab FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUTS.

By clicking the All Exercises button a list of all the exercises you have added with their title, type (repetitions, time), tags, and date of modification is displayed. You can edit or delete an exercise.



To add a new exercise go to Add new exercise.


Choose and upload cover image of the exercise. Cover image will represent the exercise in the application. If you do not choose any image, the image from a video will be used.


Enter the name of the exercise. Users will see it in the application as the name of the exercise. You will use it in the admin Dashboard when creating a course program.


Follow along workout is a video recording of a workout with all the exercises done by the instructor. Students complete the workout by following along the video. Only one video can be selected when creating a new workout of this type.


Let us know if an exercise is measured in time or repetitions. Different units will be used when setting up the exercise in the program.


Tags will help you to quickly inform your students and organize your content. You can simply add a tag by writing the tag name in the input and save it by pressing enter or select an existing one from the drop-down list. Tags can be accessed globally inside your account.


Link the videos (one or more) to an exercise.


Give little tips your students should focus on while executing an exercise. We recommend no more than 3 focus points per exercise. E.g. – Keep your core tight at all times.


Add more information about the exercise. What is its purpose, which muscles are involved, what are the caveats etc. You can include images, links, files and videos to your content. In the editor menu there is an icon for each (images, links/files, videos).

Images can be uploaded from the Media Library.

Files and website links can be uploaded from the Media Library or a website link can be simply copied to the URL input.

We recommend you to choose an option to open the link in a New window.

If you want to see an anchor icon beside the displayed text, choose a Class of your file.

When finished, don’t forget to SAVE it.